Before start, let me introduce myself. I am Marc Pérez Muntanyola, I’m just finished my Political Sciences bachelor in the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). Nowadays I’m 26 years old and like other people here in Spain I’m unemployed too. There is nothing worst to have a lot of time and nothing to do with it, so I decided to use that free time to realize something useful until I find a job. I decided to use that free time in something useful that I can realize with my capacities and abilities, that I had acquire during my bachelor, and use this knowledge to transmit to other people waiting for a feedback about my ideas. The key of this blog is going to be Politics, without any concrete aspect. But it’s possible that I will be so influenced by my own interests, like International European Politics and Spanish Politics. There are no doubts of the importance of local Politics and it’s obvious that someday that will appear in that blog, but it’s going to be in minimum cases.  


This blog it’s going to be weekly, but with the permission to publicize on other periods. I will try to write a blog every Friday, without more than three pages extension from a text editor format, which will mean than you wouldn’t need more than ten minutes to read them. On Mondays I will publish the same blog from Friday on Mondays afternoon but written in English. I wouldn’t use text translator. I will translate from my own English knowledge.


This blog, that I’m presenting here, does not have any more objective that to be an informant and, if it’s possible, an opinion maker as possible as it can. It’s so important that the readers of this blog trust me. That does not mean that in order to be more read ore like more I would use demagogy or easy criticism. This blog is tried to be as objective as I can, and always in order to inform others about the thematic said before. Is for this reason that I will include a bibliography at the end of the articles.


The information is going to be serious information. From Newspapers, documentaries, books, other blogs, etc. Always I’m going to use instructional materials. This is going to be a word so used in that blog. There is nothing worst, in my opinion, to do some informative work without the respect of academic standards. I don’t want to be in the school books as an important guy based on my political studies but the work is for the workers.


Before the end of this first blog, I would like to explain what Politics means for me. Like every word, Politics have a subjective meaning. But this is not going to be an exception. I’m going to define it in my own way, but I would try to be as objective as possible I can.


For me, Politics is all inside modern society. There is nothing that have sense without the Politics. Modern societies have Politics in every space. From Highest Political levels (internationals, nationals, etc.) to every family, or friend groups. In conclusion, every human relation with other human have connotations with Politics.


I can finish the definition now. But if we stay outside from the inside of the word we might lose the best of the words definitions. The word Politics have lot of meanings and refinements. Every person of the world can define the word in a completely different way, but everyone is going to be correct. That’s the key of Politics.


If we take the origin of the word we can see that it comes from Old Greek. It came from Polis, that means cities formed by free citizens living with the State debate and who participates in their actions. If we look forward on time, neo-Latin languages relate the term Politics near the Power connotations. In other words, for them, the Politics was every action with Power conflicts.


Power is another word that is possible to write an article about it. But it’s not my intention to get inside of this word. I just going to say that Power is the capacity who have one, or more, to impose its will above the others. Whether through the use of hard or soft power. 


In general and with the relation of those two definitions or point of view, Politics covers every space where people are in conflict and in a power fight. It have to be indicated that to exist Politics the conflict member have to be in equality of liberty and autonomy. This equality, does not mean that the competitors have the same capacities or wills.


In conclusion and to end this first article, Politics is a concept with the people coexist in every conditions. That does not mean, Society is Politics, but live in society, means to coexist with different Politics aspects.



                                                                                              Marc Pérez Muntanyola 



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